Update Page (Last Updated Version)

Welcome to the BONZI Software Update page! These updates are free to all existing users and it will automatically install the latest version onto your computer. Simply download and run the UPDATE.EXE for your product. Note: You must have an existing version already installed on your computer for this upgrade to work. This installation program is an UPDATE for existing users. It does NOT contain all the files included with the new “Full” install. It contains only the files that have changed or been updated.

Step 1: Click on product to begin downloading the UPDATE.EXE

Step 2: Select “Save it to disk” (if you are given a choice).

Step 3: The “Save As” dialog box will appear. Select the folder (or directory) in which you would like to save UPDATE.EXE.

Step 3: Save UPDATE.EXE to your computer.

Step 4: Run your “Windows Explorer”.

Step 5: Double-click folders until you open the folder that contains UPDATE.EXE.

Step 6: Double-click on UPDATE.EXE to run it. The installation screen will pop-up and guide you through the rest of the installation.