Free Voice E-Mail Player

Download the Free Voice E-Mail Player!

The Free Voice E-Mail Player lets you open, uncompress, and play back any Voice E-Mail message created using Voice E-Mail for America Online, CompuServe, Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook 97, Lotus Notes, cc:Mail, Eudora Pro, Eudora Light, etc.

Note: The FULL VERSION of Voice E-Mail 4.0 allows you to create, compress, and send Voice E-Mail messages as well as receive, uncompress, and play them. But you do not need the FULL VERSION of Voice E-Mail 4.0 if you want to only PLAY Voice E-Mail messages that people send you.

System Requirements:

  • A Sound Card.
  • Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, or Windows 95/98 and NT.
  • 4MB of RAM, 2MB of Free Disk Space.