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Bonzi BUDDY will tell you jokes and interesting real life trivia adding a breath of fresh air to your day! The more you use him, the smarter he will become!

What is a Bonzi BUDDY?

BonziBUDDY is a true friend and traveling companion on the Internet! He talks to you, browses the web and searches the Internet as your sidekick! With his built-in artificial intelligence, he learns from you (your likes and interests.) Since the Internet is constantly changing, BonziBUDDY will silently browse and find new sites of your interest and report them to you. You no longer have to read through tedious search results!

The users are welcomed to the new safe Bonzi Buddy

Now, this purple monkey learned its lessons. He will now search the internet along with you as your own sidekick and friend.  This purple buddy will walk, talk, browse, joke, email, search, and download stuff for you, which you own friend cannot do it for you.  Your purple friend can also compare product prices and help you save a lot of money on your favorite products. The best part is, he works for free.  The other functions include:
He manages the Internet the way you prefer

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He updates you with the latest breaking news
He will boost your energy and keep you active and happy the entire day with his modest gorilla personality.
The purple buddy tries to educate people of all age groups with every possible detail and his knowledge.
He makes your internet and the computer safer, easier and offers more fun.
This purple ape will learn from you, and once it identifies your interests and likes, then he will take over your job and search the internet and helps you find new sites that you have not seen or discovered before.
He can hug and kiss your friends and family on your behalf. Also, he can send the message on your behalf and it can even express emotions and talk for you.

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This gorilla can take control of all your internet files and downloads for you.  You can as well continue your internet browsing while the purple gorilla takes care of your download, and he will inform you once he finishes the job.

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He updates your schedule, and also he will follow your tasks and appointments with its inbuilt calendar.  With this buddy at your service, you will never be late for any appointment.

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Bonzi Buddy, it is also described as BonziBUDDY, which will help you explore the Internet as it is considered as a desktop assistant program that is predominated between 1999 and 2001 and delivered by Bonzi software. The software uses MA (Microsoft Agent) technology, which is similar to OA (Office Assistant), and it offers an on-screen software that is particularly designed to help the users to browse the internet using MA technology.  During the year 1999, this Bonzi software “Peedy” the green parrot certified by Microsoft, but in later versions, they changed into a purple gorilla and the developers called the purple gorilla as Bonzi.  This purple gorilla used to interact with the users was it is programmed to use the text to speech voice.
As per the user’s choice, this on-screen purple gorilla used to share facts and jokes, also it allowed the user to download function such as sing songs, manager and several other functions.  The voice of the purple gorilla was famously known as Sydney, which is taken from an old L&H (Lernout & Hayspie0 ApI4.0 Microsoft Speech package, and in some software, it is referred as Adult Male.
Some editions of the software, it was described as a spyware. However, the BonziBuddy website vanished at the end of 2008. This is because, in the year 2007 April, the internet users and PCWorld readers were very much annoyed with this purple buddy and they voted it as an annoying product and it ranked 6th in “The Top 10 Most Annoying Tech Products” list.  Most of these readers pointed one particular thing the most and criticized the program because the purple gorilla used to pop up and it used to block the things constantly that the user needed to see. It was also severely criticized by the newspapers and they use to write that BonziBUDDY was a spyware and a “plague of the internet”.  Also, in the year 2006, there was an article on the BusinessWeek mentioned that this Bonzi buddy program is extremely annoying spyware gallant.
Spyware or Adware:
Several sources considered BonziBUDDY as an adware or spyware, an assert the company disagreement. In the year 2002 an article was published in CRWW (Consumer Report Web Watch) mentioned that BonziBuddy as spyware and added that it works as a Backdoor Santa, which gathers personal information from users.  The other annoying factors include the program is used to continuously reset the web browser of the user and take to the homepage without the permission of the user, and it used to track and prompt user’s information without his/her concern, not just that the program also use to display advertisements constantly.
The makers of Spybot-Search and Destroy, at Safer Networking, the Spyware removal database service reported that Bonzi BUDDY is an IE toolbar that can easily change the home page, web browser settings, and instigate pop-up ads, and also it can track the user’s web browsing practices.

Bonzi Buddy Download

However, the old BonziBUDDY that was developed in 1999 has annoyed several users, and also it disappeared because of its most annoying functions. But, now the time has changed and the revised version of BonziBuddy is making headlines in the internet world.

Though the developers say that the program is free to download, but only the initial program is free, and also most of these free version functions were actually demos or samples. This free version makes the users buy the extended modules that come with additional features and functionalities. For instance, Bonzi sang songs and told jokes, but, after a few songs and jokes, naturally users want to purchase the song or joke modules.
On Windows XP, BonziBUDDY works best, however, the program works on Windows Vista too. Also, the users of these operating systems may find some speech glitches, which may cause the purple gorilla, speak weirdly and sometimes he may skip some words. It may cause some cyan space and create a solid color on Windows 8 as it is apparent that it is unsupported, but the developers try to fix all these small glitches soon.
The Software has become very famous in late 2013 as its livestream was released by Vinesauce Joel, who is also a member Vinesauce a famous gaming group. He made a livestream called “Windows XP Destruction” by delivering Bonzi into Windows XP virtual device to create confusion among a congregation of other adware and viruses. Although, Bonzi is inclined to little more apart from telling bad jokes and speak to Joel.  He also made a Windows 7 Destruction, involving BonziBUDDY. He use Bonzi because it was stopped for several years and the developers do not have any connections with adware providers. This means Bonzi BUDDY is now benevolent.  Vinesauce Joel also considers to start Microsoft Cortana using less-malicious edition of BonziBUDDY, which he mentioned in his Windows 10 Destruction video.

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